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11 foods you should never buy again


I’ve been thinking about what foods I should never buy again and it’s really hard to come up with a list. There are so many unhealthy foods that we eat every day without realizing the damage they’re doing to our bodies, but once you know better, you do better.

The food you eat is one of the most important aspects of your health. The grocery store is a veritable minefield, and not just for your waistline. Unfortunately, there are many foods you should avoid to protect yourself from health problems or environmental consequences. Let’s take a look at ten items that won’t be in my cart any longer!


You might be thinking you need to give up gluten in your diet, but that’s not the case. There is no reason for most people without celiac disease or a wheat allergy to buy gluten-free foods because they are often more expensive than regular fare and do not contain any additional health benefits other than removing ingredients with wheat products from the list of potential allergens.

You’ll also be missing out on important vitamins and fiber, so you need to make up for them elsewhere. To top it off, a gluten-free version of something will cost twice as much! It’s not worth the money unless your health depends on avoiding gluten.

Tomato sauces

The problem with store-bought tomato sauce is twofold. The first issue being that the ingredients purchased at grocery stores are much more expensive than those used to make it in your own kitchen, and second of all, they’re typically loaded up on sugar and salt which can cause blood pressure issues over time after consuming them regularly.

If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your cooking routine, why not make some homemade tomato sauce? Tomatoes are a cheap and plentiful summertime staple that can be enjoyed year-round. They pack in loads of vitamins A and C as well! Plus, if you take the time now to learn how it’s done then next time when tomatoes go out of season or become scarce at local grocery stores will know just what to do.

If you’re looking for a recipe that will make your friends think twice about canned food, then this is the one. It’s made in just two hours and oh so easy to whip up! All it takes are some tomatoes- any kind works great because they’ll be cooked down within an hour of simmering- plus some vegetable stock (or chicken), salt and pepper, spices or herbs of your choosing. Add anything from onions to peppers with mushrooms if desired as well before cooking for at least 60 minutes on low heat until chunky or smooth depending on what texture you prefer.

Blueberry items

Blueberries are not only great tasting, but they also lower your risk of cancer.

The blueberry is a small-sized fruit that offers unbelievable health benefits to anyone who eats them.

From promoting healthy brain function and cognitive abilities to lowering the risk for many cancers, this little berry really packs a punch in more ways than one!

The labeling of food products is often misleading and can make it difficult to know what the ingredients are. For example, many breakfast cereals contain artificial blueberry flavor rather than real fruit.

It’s easier just to buy whole berries themselves when you want a “blueberry” taste in your foods!

low-fat foods 

For a while now, we have been told that fat is bad. We were told it was the main driver for weight gain and associated diseases; but in reality, not all fats are created equal!

For years our society has valued low-fat food products as being healthy or better than high-calorie foods with more fat content.

Even though recent studies show otherwise – some of us may still be clinging to this belief because they don’t want their personal eating habits challenged by new information (especially if you’re doing well).

The science behind dieting says that your body will burn off any excess calories from sugar on its own over time without having to go through drastic measures like fasting or starvation diets

The good fat in food is a necessary part of our diet, and without it, we would suffer. Manufacturers often take the healthy fats out of foods to make them taste better because they add sugar instead.

When it comes to weight and health, sugar is the bigger culprit. You can choose full-fat items but you must watch your portion size!

Smoked and cured meats

Why anyone would want to eat a preserved meat that’s been processed with cancer-causing chemicals is beyond me.

Bacon, hot dogs, ham… The list goes on and on of all the unhealthy foods out there you should avoid at any cost! But really now? Why not completely cut cured meats from your diet altogether if they are so bad for us in this way?

When you’re looking for a quick snack, the thought of savoring greasy sausage or hot dogs may not come to mind.

It turns out that these meats are loaded with salt and 50% fat by weight! The artery-clogging grease is surely one reason why individuals who eat meat have high blood pressure and migraines more often than those on vegan diets.

Bottled and powdered tea

Do you want to spend more money on tea that’s way too sweet? Well, both bottled and powdered teas cost significantly more than tea bags.

They come with WAY MORE sugar than the average person would use at home. Check out this label! That bottled iced tea may contain as much sugar as a soda.

Powdered mixes list their first ingredient is typically SUGAR (rather than TEA)

also, it can be listed either last after all other ingredients OR sometimes they will not mention how much sugar is added until AFTER water powdering instructions are given; so beware when looking for something healthier because most likely these boxed powders are not.

You can make the perfect cup at home and reap all of its health benefits while saving some money, too.

For instance, you could combine different types of tea bags to get an even more unique flavor profile or use honey instead of sugar as well as lemon juice or mint leaves in place of traditional sweeteners like milk and cream.

Mercury-heavy fish  

Eating fish that is high in mercury may not seem like a big deal, but it can have some harmful effects.

Mercury, the toxin that gets spewed into our environment by coal-using factories and travels long distances through the air to settle in major fish-containing waterways… This is not just a problem for smaller fish who absorb or ingest it. Mercury then ends up on your plate when you eat larger types of these delicious sea creatures because they have absorbed mercury from their meals as well!

Large predatory fish are more difficult to eat due to their dangerous skills and sharp teeth. Smaller fishes such as anchovies, herring, sardines, catfish will likely be your best bet for dishes that don’t contain large predators like king mackerel or shark, tuna…

Pre-formed meat patties

You can get meat patties in a pinch, but you’ll be saving money by buying your own ground beef and forming the patty. It only takes a few minutes to form homemade ones!

You could save time as well as cash if you buy pre-formed hamburger patties rather than making them yourself from raw ingredients like fresh or frozen ground beef. But don’t go with this shortcut just yet; it’s easy to make your own burgers that taste just as good—and they’re way cheaper too!

The pre-formed burger is a fast and creative way to make burgers that you can season in any number of ways. They are less likely than regular ground beef patties, according to recent research by the USDA on E. coli bacteria levels which found these products have higher concentrations of it than those made from fresh hamburger meat.

Energy drinks

If you’re like me and need an energy boost first thing in the morning, then a hot cup of coffee is usually enough to get my day started.

For those mid-afternoon slumps though, I find that breakfast can be just what I need again!

Caffeinated beverages are a new trend in today’s society. While they may provide a temporary boost of energy, more often than not these drinks come with some very serious side effects that have been linked to numerous instances of heart attacks and deaths–including convulsions as well as other complications like nausea and vomiting. So it might be best for your health if you stay clear from caffeinated beverages altogether!

But you’re much better off if you get your caffeine fix from coffee or tea rather than an energy drink because firstly there are insane amounts of sugar along with the caffeine and has been tied to various cases where people suffered a heart attack.

The risks are not worth the rewards, especially when you can get an energy boost from coffee and tea that also give various health benefits.

Bottled water

Bottled water is a bad buy because it’s expensive and not necessarily of better quality. Many bottlers get their water from the same municipal source that supplies your home, making tap water just as good for you!

Bottled water is a big cause for concern for the environment. It takes fuel to make and ship all those bottles, which means more oil goes into our air every year than what was used in World War II! Furthermore, we continue to find tons of discarded plastic bottled water containers strewn about landfills and floating around oceans across the planet.

The best way to avoid the cost of bottled water is through at-home filters. You will come out ahead financially, and you’ll do your environment a favor as well!

Canned soup

Canned soup has a disadvantage for those trying to watch their sodium intake.

Many canned soups have a lot of salt. This can cause health problems like high blood pressure and heart trouble.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends “low-sodium” or “no salt added” soups.

the best way to benefit from the soup is making your own soup is also an option for those who want to eat fresh soup and control sodium levels.