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11 Moroccan Dishes You Absolutely Need to Try


Morocco is a beautiful country with rich culture. history, and culinary diversity. Moroccan cuisine has evolved as traditional dishes have been adapted to suit the needs of everyday life.

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through 11 Moroccan dishes you absolutely need to try!

Kefta Meatball Tagine

The Kefta Meatball Tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish that consists of ground beef or lamb, cumin, herbs, and paprika.

The meatballs are cooked with onions in tomato sauce, olive oil until browned then combined with the remaining ingredients to make this delicious tagine!

This dish is usually served with some Moroccan bread for lunch or dinner. Enjoy it while you’re there!


This traditional dish is a soup that originated in North Africa and was traditionally eaten during Ramadan to break the daylong fast.

The ingredients for this Moroccan recipe include small chunks of beef, chickpeas (or other beans), lentils, tomatoes, onion & garlic cloves, and dried coriander seeds.

It’s also made with turmeric or ground cayenne pepper which gives it a spice kick!

Couscous Royal

Couscous royal is one of my favorite dishes, not just me but all the Moroccan people like it. The name ‘royal’ emphasizes the variety and richness of meats that go into its composition.

Couscous is very popular served on Friday throughout Morocco. there are many different variations of couscous dishes depending on the region but all typically contain meat such as lamb or chicken along with vegetables.

Chicken Bastilla

Very tasty and crispy. This delicious dish consists of a pie crust filled with sweetened shredded chicken as well as an egg-and-almond mixture that’s baked before being sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon for presentation purposes.

It can be eaten without any accompaniment but it often comes served alongside honey or yogurt sauce.


Tagine is one of the most traditional dishes in Morocco.

It’s a slow-cooked dish where (lamb or beef or chicken) is stewed with vegetables, fruits, and spices before being served with bread or couscous.

The name tagine comes from the clay pot used for cooking this dish which can be found across Morocco at all times of the year.

Chicken With Preserved Lemon

One of the most popular dishes in Morocco is chicken with preserved lemon and olives. It’s marinated in a mixture of spices, herbs, olive oil, and water before being cooked on a griddle for an hour or so until it becomes tender enough to be eaten.

If this dish isn’t prepared properly then the skin will remain tough but if done right it can become one of those perfect bites that melt away into your mouth as you chew.

Lamb or Beef With Prunes

This dish is also a popular choice. The jewel of Moroccan tagine is the Caramelized Prunes Tagine.

It is a dish that can be eaten at a wedding, celebration, or any day that you want to make special.

The meat is marinated in spices, herbs, and olive oil before being cooked with prunes to make it tender enough so that you can bite into the meat without feeling your teeth might break off by a little bit.


Royal Mechoui

The Mechoui is a traditional Moroccan dish of whole roasted lamb.

The meat is not rubbed with olive oil or any spices. the secret is the quality of the wood and the temperature of the hole where it will be cooked for 3 to 4 hours until it’s tender enough to cut easily.

Mechoui usually has a very brown exterior because the entire surface area is exposed during cooking, giving this delicious flavor.

It can be served as-is or shredded into pieces. You should try this when you’re there!

Mint Tea

It’s a green tea base with lots of mint leaves and sugar. It’s sweet and refreshing.

Mint tea is very popular and many Moroccans drink it several times throughout the day and evening.

Tangia Marrakchia

This slow-cooked Marrakesh dish is traditionally prepared in a clay pot called a tangia.

The name Tangia Marrakchia comes from the city where this dish originated – Marrakesh.



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