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12 Best Chocolate Cake To Eat In The World


There are so many delicious chocolate cakes out there, but What is the best cake? That’s a question that many of us ask ourselves when we’re looking for something sweet to eat.

In this blog post, we will explore where you can find the best chocolate cake in the world. You’ll be able to get everything from rich and moist chocolate cake with whipped cream or an elegant raspberry white chocolate torte at any of these places!



The Sachertorte is the most famous Austrian cake. It was created in 1832 by Franz Sacher, who ran a famous Viennese hotel and bakery.

The original recipe has been kept secret for over 150 years because it is said to contain two types of chocolate, hazelnuts, apricot jam, and lots of whipped cream.

There are many variations of this delicious dessert that can be made at home with store-bought ingredients! so you should not miss it if you are ever visiting Austria!

Molten Chocolate Cake

The molten chocolate cake is one of the best you can try if you are ever in or near New York City.

The molten is a dessert that was created by chefs who wanted to merge the flavors of soufflé and flourless cakes.

With only butter, eggs, sugar, and chocolate as ingredients, it’s timing that matters most – you just have to catch the right moment when inverting from its single portion onto a plate.

Once you dig into this decadent delight if baked correctly your molten chocolate cake will come off with gooey melted chocolaty in front of you.


Kladdkaka is a traditional Swedish dessert that combines eggs, cocoa (or chocolate), butter, sugar, and flour into an incredibly rich cake.

The outer layer becomes thin and crispy during the baking process while maintaining its moist center for your enjoyment.

The cake is so dense and heavy on bitter chocolate or cocoa, it’s typically dusted with a delicate layer of powdered sugar. The traditional way to serve this type of dessert is usually alongside ice cream or whipped cream for an extra flavor boost!


A sweet cake, mađarica is a Croatian treat that has been around for centuries and remains popular today. The origins of this layered chocolate dessert are not well known but it’s believed to be modeled on traditional Hungary cakes which were then brought over by the Hungarians who settled in Croatia. Chocolate-infused velvety cream coats each layer before being glazed with dark chocolate – making them very rich! Mađarica can usually be found on festive occasions because they’re perfect for celebrating together.

Bolo de brigadeiro

Bolo de brigadeiro, which means “brigadier cake,” is the dessert of choice for any birthday party in Brazil. It consists of three layers: a fluffy and moist crumb mixture that’s sandwiched between two chocolate cakes; then topped off with creamy fudgy Brigadeiro filling and frosting made from condensed milk, margarine, table cream (or whipping cream), powdered sugar, or brown sugar – depending on your taste preference!

The origins behind this traditional Brazilian sweet are said to be unclear but most believe it was first seen during World War II when rationed ingredients were scarce so they substituted what little there was with local products like cocoa beans instead. Bolos have always been popular as part desserts at celebrations large or small across.


This no-bake Argentinian dessert translates to “chocolate cake” because of its resemblance in taste, texture, and appearance. It is influenced by Italian cuisine with a tiramisu model as well as three staple ingredients: chocolate biscuits, dulce de leche (a caramel sauce), and cream cheese.


Amandine is a traditional Romanian chocolate cake that’s filled with either delicious rich dark cocoa or creamy almonds.

The sponge-like dough has four amazing components – the batter of eggs, sugar, water, and flour; the syrup made from rum-soaked sugar cubes dissolved in hot water; the filling of buttercream flavored by vanilla extract and cocoa powder for richness without being too sweet! Finally, there’s an optional topping: whipped cream mixed into melting chocolates to form an elegant glaze.

Amandina is a cake that originated in Romania but has become popular all over the world, especially among those who enjoy baking.

The recipe for this delicious dessert varies and there are many different variations of it on the market today, each with its own unique ingredients to make them stand out from one another.

Torta Caprese

Torta Caprese is a decadent dessert that has dark chocolate as the main ingredient. This cake gets its name from the Italian island of Capri because it originated there- but you can find this masterpiece all over Italy! It consists of eggs, sugar, and almonds with butter as well. It’s often garnished with halved strawberries or raspberries and served with vanilla ice cream on the side. Torta Caprese are very dense in texture due to their high amounts of cocoa powder used; they also have some powdered sugar on top which just makes them even more irresistible than before.! Many Italians celebrate with cake. They eat it at special events and celebrations.

Torta Garash

This Walnut Cake is one of the most popular Bulgarian desserts. It consists of five delicate walnuts layered with dark chocolate and covered in glistening icing or ganache, decorated with nuts like almonds and coconut flakes that add extra texture to this decadent cake.

For a cake that’s been around for over 130 years, you’d think it would be hard to find any new recipes or interesting facts about the famous dessert. What people don’t know is that Kosta Garash created his recipe while he was working in an upscale hotel and at one point served up slices of this sweet treat on silver platters to wealthy guests from all across Europe!

Rigó Jancsi

This Hungarian dessert consists of two layers of sponge cake held together by a luscious, mousse-like cocoa cream filling which is sometimes flavored with dark rum. The cake itself can be covered in rich ganache and it always has an amazing aroma that will make your mouth water as you walk into the bakery!

There is a popular Hungarian folklore story about Rigó Jancsi, said to have been invented at the turn of the 20th century and named after a renowned violinist who seduced Clara Ward. Eventually, they married but she left him for another man since he was not wealthy enough.

Vasina torta

Vasina torta or Vasa’s cakes are a Serbian classic that consists of an egg-based loaf cake with walnut filling, chocolate, and orange cream made from egg whites. The recipe dates back to 1908 when it was prepared as a gift for Vaso Čokrljan by his mother-in-law upon her daughter leaving Paracin for Vienna so she could give birth there in better conditions than available at the time.


While it does not have the same recognition as its cousins across Europe, Bavaria is noted for a few culinary delights. One such delight is their prinzregententorte which consists of thin layers of cake smeared with chocolate buttercream and then finished off in an elegant layer-by-layer fashion to create this rich dessert that showcases what they do best: making delicate confections out of fine ingredients like milk or flour.

The German dish known as a “Prinzeggentorrt” was created by Prince Luitpold for his son Reginald who later became prince regent. If you’re familiar with traditional European desserts like crème brûlée or tiramisu then think along those lines when preparing this sweet treat…

The dessert’s delicious flavor can be found in many different bakeries throughout the region.