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15 Things to Know About *Going* Vegan


What is vegan? That’s a question that many people ask themselves when they see the word for the first time. Veganism is not just about what you put on your plate, but also how you live your life. Understanding all of this may be challenging at first, so we’ll break it down for you with this blog post! Here are 15 things to know about going vegan:

What is veganism?

veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animals, meat products, or any other animal-derived ingredients or food.

A vegan lifestyle is one in which all forms of exploitation and cruelty are eschewed including but not limited to: taking life for fashion, cosmetics testing, fur coats, and leather goods; using your power as an individual to make choices that cause less suffering for animals in general and reducing your consumption of animal-derived products.

Veganism is not about deprivation and perfection, it’s just about kindness to animals in the world we share with them.

A vegan lifestyle also means not buying things that are tested on animals and paying attention to the ingredients in your foods, cleaning products, medicines, etc.

You don’t have to go all or nothing at first; you can try a vegan diet for 30 days without making any other changes and see if it feeds your need to live a more compassionate lifestyle.

A vegan diet can be so varied from person to person! There are even vegan versions of everything you might eat before going vegan including mainstream fast-food chains or Taco Bell, vegan meat-like Beyond Meat, vegan cheese, etc.