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7 Traditional Dishes You Must Try When in Porto


Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, its where you will find your dreams come true, whatever the purpose of the visit, it is a wonderful tourist country that offers you a lot of entertainment, enjoyment, culture and beautiful nature, especially the traditional food and the amazing delicious dishes Which varies from city to city. 

If you intend to visit Portugal and you find yourself in PORTO you must try does 7 Traditional Dishes.

Portuguese food has been famous around the world for being delicious and also because it Combines a lot of ingredients.

It is also distinctive as famous food from the influence of the neighboring countries as Spain and Moroccan and also other counties like Brazil Angola …

Most traditional Portuguese foods depend on fish, seafood, and meat, which are also grilled and fried or cooked. These dishes are also served with fries, simple salads, and rice.

without forgetting famous for its sweets and pastry which we have to introduce in another article.

as more tourists flood this small country, one takeaway message is clear: Portuguese food is delicious! These 7 dishes are clear proof of that.

Normally all dishes are flavored with garlic, wine, olive oil, parsley, and chili pepper sauce (called piri piri) as the base. While traveling through Portugal, expect a hybrid of meats, seafood, and vegetables to fill the menus, there are also plenty of thick soups and stews to sink into. but each region and city has its own specialties and personalities that must be sampled.

 These 7 recipes are a handful of many that must be tried in this city.