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8 combinations that work together to increase absorption and nutritional value.


There are decent meals available! There is also an “OK eating combination” that, by mixing ingredients, enhances absorption and nutritional value. Let’s take a look at the pairing and why it was chosen.

Carrot and garlic

It’s rich in vitamins and seems to have stamina, so I think it’s a good combination.
Carrots contain abundant vitamins, and it is said that if you continue to eat them, your immunity will increase. In addition, garlic also has many components that improve immunity. When eaten together, it is said to be a good match to supplement each other’s lack of nutrition. In addition, cooking with oil improves the absorption of nutrients from carrots and suppresses the irritation of garlic, so it is a recommended seasoning.

meat and onion

In terms of nutrition, both onions and red meat are very good ingredients. I think it’s good to eat ingredients that help absorption together.
In particular, vitamin B1, which is abundant in red meat, is said to work better when allyl sulfide contained in onions is combined with allicin, which is formed by changes in the human body. By eating the two in combination, you can expect more effects. Ginger-grilled onions and red meat make a lot of sense as a stamina diet.

Spinach and sesame

Some people say that this combination causes stones, but oxalic acid is not the only cause of stones. In addition, magnesium contained in sesame also has the function of making oxalic acid difficult to make. Besides sesame seeds, we also recommend a lot of magnesium for nuts.
It’s a classic combination, but it actually has a very good synergistic effect. Spinach is nutritious but contains a substance called oxalic acid, which causes stones when eaten too much. This oxalic acid is less likely to be absorbed by the body by taking calcium-rich foods such as sesame together. Lysine contained in sesame is also said to have the function of preventing stones.

Lemon and oyster

Please note that a little lemon is not so bactericidal. Taking Vitamin C seems to reduce the effects of phytic acid, which interferes with the absorption of zinc in oysters.
Oysters are attractive foods due to their high nutritional value, but in terms of hygiene management, they can be said to be delicate foods like other seafood. The oysters are often served with lemon. Lemon acid is said to have the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria and preventing food poisoning. In addition, lemon reduces the fishy odor, so it can be said to be an excellent match.

Tomato and avocado

It’s delicious to eat as a salad, and it’s a very compatible combination!
Lycopene, a component that is abundant in tomatoes, is said to have a high antioxidant effect and help prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Lycopene is more easily absorbed in the presence of lipids, so it is compatible with avocado, which contains a large number of lipids. When combining with salads, you can make the best use of tomatoes by using good quality oil such as olive oil.

Turmeric and black pepper

According to research published in the journal Planta Medica, the combination of pepper and turmeric enhances the absorption of the important component curcumin in your blood by up to 2,000%. According to studies, combining 20 mg of piperine with 2 grams of curcumin can provide these results.

Green tea and lemon

While green tea is high in cancer-fighting catechins and antioxidants, lemons help the body absorb these catechins more effectively, allowing you to fight illnesses more naturally. When you combine green tea with lemon, your body may absorb 6 times the catechins.

Turmeric and salmon

While turmeric’s anti-inflammatory qualities assist the body recover, salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids help protect the nervous system from aging and maintain your heart in fantastic health. The combination is thought to limit tumor cell development by preventing cancer cells from replicating.