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It’s berry season here in Pennsylvania, which implies my Keto jam formula has been getting it’s reasonable use!

Of the considerable number of jams and jams I like to make at home, blueberry is a specific top choice.

The flavor profile is extraordinary and I totally love the profound, rich purple shading.

This sans sugar jam formula is incredible for spreading on your preferred low carb bread. It tastes stunning in frozen yogurt and yogurt, as well!

At only 1 net carbs per serving, this formula is additionally gluten free and reasonable for pretty much anybody!

Jam versus Jelly

Jam and jam are comparative, however most don’t have the foggiest idea about the distinction (myself included).

Customary jam plans will in general be made with unadulterated organic product juice, making a delightful (yet still straightforward) shading. All leafy foods get stressed out to make a sleek consistency.

Jam then again, utilizes the whole organic product. It’s additionally lower in sugar and I love seeing the pieces and bits of genuine blueberry all through.

Elements for sans sugar Blueberry Jam

Like practically the entirety of my plans, I attempt to keep it basic with the fixings list.

You’ll require:



lemon juice

sugar of decision

thickener of decision

Elements for Keto Blueberry Jam

Gelatin who?

On the off chance that you glance through customary jam plans, you’ll see that many call for including a fixing called gelatin.

Gelatin is a kind of starch that is normally found in products of the soil.

Tragically, gelatin is a concentrated wellspring of starches and isn’t a Keto-accommodating alternative.

Thickening your jam

My formula utilizes a thickener called thickener. It’s concentrate from ocean growth and works admirably of thickening sauces.

That abandons saying, be cautious while including your thickener! An excess of can transform your jam into a thick glob of goo.

Searching for another approach to thicken your jam? You can likewise attempt:


chia seeds

guar gum

sunflower lecithin

Would i be able to utilize solidified blueberries?

When after all other options have been exhausted, solidified blueberries will work fine and dandy.

The main primary contrast will be the surface. Solidified organic product will in general get soft genuinely fast, so modifying your cooking times might be essential.

Shockingly enough, solidified organic product is in some cases surprisingly better than new. This is on the grounds that solidified organic product will in general be prepared at precisely the ideal season of aging.

Change things up with these varieties

This formula fills in as an extraordinary base for an assortment of different spreads. For instance, Keto strawberry jam with new strawberries is another most loved that I wrench out on the normal.

You could simply switch up the blueberries for:




I additionally propose playing with the citrus types to make something extraordinarily your own:

include orange or lime juice for an invigorating turn

zing your citrus for a fly of flavor and intriguing surface


Per common, you can trade out the sugars with your top choices, as well. I go for allulose in this formula since it mixes and tastes simply like sugar with no cooling impact. This draws out the regular pleasantness of the blueberries and it is phenomenal!

Not a major of sweet flavors beginning Keto? You can diminish the sugar add up to 1/4 cup or even eliminate it totally!

Indeed, even without included pleasantness, this formula is extremely lenient will at present work out at long last.

Would i be able to would this be able to stick formula?

In view of the straightforwardness of the fixings, this isn’t a formula that would function admirably for canning.

When canning jams and jams, acids are utilized to protect the kinds of the natural product.

While this formula utilizes lemon juice (citrus extract), it’s insufficient to keep up the characteristics of the jam.

Along these lines, I suggested serving inside multi week of arrangement or freezing in ice 3D shape plate.

Plans that work out positively for jam

Instead of the raspberries, take a stab at twirling this blueberry jam into my Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake formula.

Spread a layer over cream cheddar on a Zesty Cheddar Biscuit for a pungent sweet flavor mix!

Shockingly, this sauce works with appetizing nourishments, as well. I like to make my own adaptation of IKEA’s Swedish meatball and sub in my blueberry jam for the lingonberry.

Tips for fruitful jam

In the event that you like your blueberry pieces to be on the littler side, don’t cook longer. Rather, utilize a wooden spoon or potato masher to separate them. An inundation blender will work far better.

One of my preferred low carb bread plans is really a blend! It’s the universally handy bread blend from Good Dee’s.

Attempting to consider approaches to fuse jam into your suppers? I like to add mine to fiery dishes to adjust the degrees of warmth.

On the off chance that you discover your jam copying rapidly, have a go at eliminating from the warmth and including a touch more water. Additionally think about beginning with medium warmth — nothing is more regrettable than the smell of consumed organic product!

New to a Keto Diet?

You’ve presumably heard everybody and their mom discussing Keto by this point. In the event that you haven’t, there are a lot of free assets on my site to kick you off!

Keto Jam with Fresh Blueberries

by Dom Geracia

A scrumptious and straightforward Keto jam formula that highlights ranch new blueberries. This low carb formula requires no gelatin!

Planning Time 5 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

All out Time 20 mins

Course Breakfast

Food American

Servings 10 servings

Calories 10 kcal

little sauce skillet

wooden spoon

1 cup blueberries new

⅓ cup allulose

2 tbsp water

1 tsp lemon juice

½ tsp thickener

Include blueberries, lemon squeeze and water to a little pan and go warmth to medium-low.

Mix periodically until blend begins to bubble. This takes around 8-10 minutes.

Include allulose and mix. Lessen warmth to a low stew and cook for another 5-10 minutes. Your blueberries should begin to pop and delivery their juices.

Mix in thickener and blend equally.

Eliminate from warmth and let set for 10 minutes.

Serve promptly or let cool totally before putting away in the fridge for as long as multi week.

Nourishment Facts

Keto Jam with Fresh Blueberries

Sum Per Serving

Calories 10

Calories from Fat 5

% Daily Value*

Fat 0.5g1%

Starches 2g1%

Fiber 1g4%

Protein 0.5g1%

* Percent Daily Values depend on a 2000 calorie diet.

What do you think?

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