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Moving slopes of delicate fragrant purple fill our Okanagan scene during this season, and you won’t hear me complaining! We’ve to impart an additional dash of enchantment to you today with this mind-boggling Lavender Lemonade that changes shading as it’s blended. You NEED to see this one!

On the off chance that you’ve at any point visited the Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm, you may realize they have an amazing lavender lemonade formula. There’s a smidgen of science included that makes this formula uncommon, we were so intrigued when we saw it! They’re imparting their mystery formula to you here today.

Where to Buy Okanagan Lavender

The Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm has been around since 1999 and is a family–claimed independent venture directly here in Kelowna. Their reasonable ranch makes the most excellent items, including a line of culinary items. In case you’re searching for lavender, they are IT. The ranch is shut this season due to COVID yet you can even now shop their items online here and use code FRAICHE20 for 20% off!

Step by step instructions to Make Lavender Lemonade

To make this lemonade, start by making basic lavender implantation utilizing dried lavender, and it makes this puzzling bluey-green dull shading. It’s the point at which you include the new lemon squeeze that the enchantment truly occurs and you watch the imbuement transform into a GORGEOUS pink. You at that point include cold water, serve it over ice, and presto you have the ideal summer drink.

This lemonade is wonderfully presented with new lemon cuts and stems of lavender. It’s delectable all alone however you can likewise substitute the virus water for shining mineral water to make it bubbly! In the event that you need to make a grown-up rendition, including a sprinkle of gin or vodka for the ideal summer mixed drink. Discussion about a gem!

You can substitute new lavender in this formula by collecting sprouts that are 1⁄2 – 3⁄4 open, with great shading. Be mindful so as not to utilize lavender that is losing its shading and is more on the dim side. These blossoms have gone into seed creation and their flavor is decreased. On the off chance that utilizing new lavender utilizes 1 cup of lavender blossoms (eliminate from the stem) and utilize 4 cups of water rather than 2 when making your imbuement!

I figure this would go so pleasantly with a mid-year outside early lunch! Have a go at serving this with the Cherry Scones from our Fraiche Food, Full Hearts cookbook, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes or Strawberry Sweetheart Crepes.

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

This lavender lemonade formula is amusing to make and the ideal light and refreshing drink for summer!


2 cups bubbling water

2 tablespoons dried lavender

½-1 cup white sugar

contingent upon the pleasantness you need

1cup newly pressed lemon juice

10 cups cold water*


Carry the water to a moving bubble. Include the lavender, mix well, and diminish the warmth to a stew. Stew for 5 minutes. Strain mixture through an espresso channel (we attempted it with a fine sifter and it worked). The mixture will be a blue-green shading. Include the sugar and mix until broke up.

Gradually empty the lemon juice into the mixture and watch the shading change to pink! Include the virus water until your pitcher has 12 cups absolute in it. Serve chilled over ice and enhancement with cuts of new lemon and a twig of lavender.

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